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iPhone Rig

EDELKRONE has come out with a great product for all of you iPhone videographers, the "PhoneRig"

Please kindly contact edelkrone at any time for further information.

edelkrone is introducing the PhoneRig.

A hand-strap/EVF solution for serious iPhone videographers.

PhoneRig delivers better stability and comfort while you are shooting videos with your iPhone. Having the EVF gives you the chance to dive in to your footage and make full use of the high quality camera and retina display.

PhoneRig is also hot-shoe and tripod compatible with the 4 magnetic accessory attachment ports on it. The body is 100% CNC machined with ultra precision which matches the build quality and look of the iPhone itself. The optical components has hydrophobic, antistatic and antiglare coatings on it.

PhoneRig is a super practical accessory for all iPhone 4, 4S users who loves shooting videos with their phones.

iPhone 5 version of the PhoneRig will be announced in September.
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