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Red did it again

BIGRed Epic

So RED is raising the bar again, just when the world is trying to recover from the impact of the Red One Camera, the release a big brother to the ROC (Red - One - Camera) the 5K EPIC. More resolution, full size connectors, smaller package, full trade-in value, WOW! How are Panasonic, Sony, JVC, Viper, SI, and the Genesis, going to handle this news? This will surely put the final nail in the film coffin.
They also added a few goodies to the table. RED RAY a stand alone 4K DVD/CF player and Scarlet the under $3,000.00 3K professional camera. So RED is venturing into the HVX market and I think they will win.
Still no word on when the 4K projector will show up, I hope it soon.
Red recently added some interesting interviews to their site you can watch them here
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