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Starter Pistol Version 1.0


So here it is, the final real release. It now includes the ability to save your time with your own choice of race length and location. This makes for a more complete app.

Start with setting your countdown
CountDown - It starts with "On Your Mark" then "Set" and the "Pistol Shot" happens at various times. (3.5 to 1 second)
Uptimer - kicks in automatically (notice the huge button) we also disabled the sleep mode so you can complete a 4 X 4 without having to take your phone out of sleep mode.
Save - Save your time, location and race length with (date-time stamp). (see Starter Pistol Save Time above)

Media Kit for the app is available here...
(media kit contains all screen shot images and the text from the site)

stacks_image_577 stacks_image_583 stacks_image_580

stacks_image_587 stacks_image_593 stacks_image_590
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