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Starter Pistol Changes

Ok we got rejected on the first go around with Apple. The reason was that we used the wrong SDK for the binary upload. We used the 3.2 and apparently that is for an “iPad app”. It doesn’t say that on the documentation but that is what it is. So Apple thought that we submitted an iPad app and as you know from our design it was meant for the iPhone.

The track athlete is supposed to strap an iPhone to their arm or whatever and use this app to practice their starts. That would be pretty hard to do with an iPad.

Anyhow it gave us a chance to fine tune it a little. Here are the new screen shots

We’ve added the necessary stuff to enable the save time component, and we added a number of new race types.
40 yards
30 meters
55 meters
60 meters
100 meters
200 meters
400 meters
800 meters
1500 meters
3000 meters
5000 meters

Along with the save time component we are incorporating location and date to the saving of the race time. Of course that will all come with the free upgrade.

the development team.

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